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Asa Featherstone, IV


Photographer/Photo Editor

Asa (AY-suh) Featherstone, IV is a photo-based artist, editor, and curator based in Cincinnati,
OH whose work highlights the shared experiences that make us human. He prioritizes the
beauty and nuance of daily Black life through narrative, exploring themes of place, rest, joy, and
strife in a tone that gives voice to communities of color. His approach to photography is
influenced by his homeschool upbringing, where he spent much of his formative years
observing communities and asking questions about the behaviors of the people around
In 2017 he was an artist resident at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver where he made
original work for the museum responding to the evolution of human interactions, and in 2020
was recognized for having one of the TIME Magazine’s Top 100 portraits of the year. Currently,
he’s Editor at The Photographic Journal, and is launching his own independent publication
called MIDTONES, examining life as a person of color in the Midwest through photography and
stories set to be released in Fall 2024. His photographs have appeared in TIME, The Wall
Street Journal, Google, Bloomberg Business, and American Airlines.


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