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Alyssa Schukar

Alyssa Schukar Photography



Alyssa Schukar (she/her) is a Washington, D.C.-based visual journalist, writer, and educator. She is a co-director of the 75-year-old Missouri Photo Workshop and a co-founder of Chicago’s Prism Photo Workshop. During nearly a decade of assignment work, she has met deadlines on helicopters and in blizzards, in the middle of Black Lives Matter marches and from the belly of the U.S. Capitol. She’s documented communities surrounded by heavy industry in Indiana, hurricane devastation worsened by climate change in Texas, the Standing Rock challenge to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the children of the opioid crisis in Ohio. The people she has met through her work influence her understanding of the world, and they motivate her to study and name the larger forces that affect communities’ everyday lives. Alyssa is a native of the Great Plains, an avid reader and a fan of big open spaces. She’s also a very proud auntie.


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