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Some of the nation's top prize-winning and widely recognized picture editors and skilled administrators make up the Kalish faculty. They volunteer their time and expertise and sometimes even use vacation days to participate because they are committed to great visual storytelling and sharing their knowledge to others working in the field. Their dedication and passion for the profession are key to the success of The Kalish.

Current Faculty

Faculty members offer informational and interactive presentations, small group exercises and personalized feedback. Most remain present for the entire session to provide ample interaction with all the attendees, making the workshop unique and rewarding in a casual environment. The 2022 faculty included Mallory Benedict, Chloe Coleman, Dr. Aimee Edmondson, Danny Gawlowski, Kyndell Harkness, Kenny Irby, Danese Kenon, Kevin Martin, Khary Mason, Louie PaluJenn Poggi, Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden, William Snyder and Brian Storm. The 2022 director is Sue Morrow.

Additional leaders in visual storytelling join us each year. Willie J. Allen, Jr. and Chris Zuppa document the workshop experience. Frank Folwell serves as treasurer and liaison to the NPPF.

An advisory board administrates The Kalish by providing direction, oversight and labor to assure the success of the workshop from year to year. They are Chloe Coleman, Danny Gawlowski, Randall GreenwellKyndell Harkness, Danese Kenon, Kevin Martin, Sue Morrow, Jenn Poggi and Brian Storm.


See a list of past directors and faculty.

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