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Emma Truscott




As a child my house was full of car toys, dinosaurs, and barbie dolls with their heads ripped off. It may sound like I had a brother, but my parents just fueled whatever interests my sister and I found ourselves in. As we grew up and out of the toys, my sister and I recognized the importance of equality between genders as my parents made it very clear that we could do anything we wanted as girls. From the sports we played, to the clothes we wore, our parents supported our decisions while resisting gender norms. This led me to my interest in working alongside and sharing the stories of other women and young girls.
Although photography is one of my favorite things to do, storytelling has become a passion I wish to continue to pursue. Starting this past winter, I began working in the RIT Archives creating new content through oral history interviews and working with photographs from alumni. I've been working alongside an RIT photography alum to create an installation of his work. I’ve grown to love the process of ideation in any project, but especially when working with others. It’s the pre-production and research that gets me most excited to continue my work.
Outside of work and school, I enjoy weightlifting and crocheting. I like to spend my weekends hiking and being outside with my friends and family. It’s rare to find me alone without headphones in; 60’s folk rock has been my newest obsession. I recently developed a new love for the darkroom, allowing me to experience a new relationship with photography.

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