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Laura Graham

SMU Development Marketing & Communications

Director Photo/Video


Laura Graham is photography/video creative director for Southern Methodist University,
curating images for admissions, alumni and donor materials that entice students to attend,
alumni to stay connected and donors to provide financial support to the University. Having
arrived at the SMU with a background in graphic design, photography, illustration and art
history, the art of creating, composing and understanding visuals was already strong. A masters
in creative writing/poetry developed the urge to tell stories, with video as the next journey to
A weekend gardener, beekeeper and home to a bunch of backyard chickens, Laura along with
her husband Kevin have 3 grown children: two kids on opposite US coasts, and thankfully one in
Dallas. When not hanging around at home or on a busy college campus, you can find her in a
yoga class, marathon training or posting travel photos with family and friends.

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