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Amanda Cowan


Photographer/Photo Editor

I am a photojournalist and photo editor with over 20 years of full-time photography experience based at The Columbian in Vancouver, Wash. I hope to use photography to build bridges, understanding and empathy in the community. My work has been honored by the Associated Press, the National Press Photographers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, Best of the West, the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and the Hawaii Publishers Association. In addition, I collaborated with author Ilima Loomis on the book, "Eclipse Chaser", which published in December 2019. I was also the recipient of the Passion Projects Grant from the Society of Professional Journalists for the project, "A New Life" in 2019. Also in that same year, I collaborated on a grant from the Pulitzer Center for the project, "Bridging the Border: A Family Divided.” I am an FAA-certified drone pilot, a longtime NPPA member and a participant in Missouri Photo Workshop 75 held in Sedalia, Mo., in 2023.


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