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Loriene Perera


Photographer/Photo Editor

Loriene Perera's journey from a childhood fascination with photography to her current role as a graduate student in Ohio University's MFA in Communication Media Arts program is a compelling narrative of passion and purpose. Influenced by her uncle's love for capturing moments, Loriene's early exposure to photography sparked a lifelong dedication to visual storytelling.
Her decade-long tenure at Reuters' Global Pictures Desk honed her skills in photo editing and image forensics, where she played a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of journalistic storytelling. Her contributions were instrumental in Reuters' receipt of multiple Pulitzer Prize recognitions, underlining her significance in breaking news and feature photography.
Driven by her belief in the power of visual storytelling, Loriene's interests have expanded into documentary video production and emerging technologies like XR, aiming to engage and inform audiences in innovative ways. She aspires to evolve as a versatile visual journalist who navigates the evolving media landscape.
Currently, Loriene focuses on exploring the complexities of racial identity in Appalachian Ohio, a region starkly different from her upbringing in cosmopolitan Singapore. Her experiences on campus and engagement with the Mount Zion Black Cultural Center have prompted her to delve into the historical contributions of the Black community in Athens. She seeks to illuminate these narratives through documentary films and photo projects, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse fabric that defines the region.


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