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John Ahlhauser

Professor Emeritus, Indiana University School of Journalism at Bloomington

In retirement he has been president of the National Press Photographers Foundation. He was co-founder and the chair of the Stan Kalish Picture Editing Workshop for its first 8 years, 1990-'97. 


A native of Milwaukee, he graduated from Marquette University in 1948. He then served as a staff photographer for the Milwaukee Journal for 25 years. After the Journal bought the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1962, the photo staff served both papers. His assignments were general but included much politics, social and religious stories, and homes, furniture and fashions. (National political conventions, including the Chicago Democratic convention in '68, inaugurations of Johnson and Nixon; civil rights workers in Mississippi in summer and fall, 1964; unemployed

coal miners in Kentucky and a VISTA volunteer in North Carolina and migrant workers in Wisconsin.) 

Ahlhauser was president of the National Press Photographers Association in 1967 - 68. In 1971 he received NPPA's highest honor, the Joseph Sprague award, and in 1981 was presented the Robin Garland teaching award. 
He was also honored with Marquette University's ByLine award in 1985 and with service awards from the Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky News Photographers Associations. In 1991 he was inducted into the Milwaukee Press Club's Media Hall of Fame. 

He obtained both his MA and PhD from Indiana University and taught in the School of Journalism for more than 20 years. 

Actually old enough to have served in WWII, Ahlhauser was a Japanese radio intercept operator in the South Pacific. 

He is dreadfully chauvinistic about Milwaukee and continues to have plots in three Milwaukee cemeteries so he is sure to find a place to stay there some day. 
John W. Ahlhauser 
1840 N. Prospect Av., Apt. 1014 
Milwaukee, WI 53202-1965 

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