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2022 Workshop Itinerary

June 5-11, 2022

Photography by Willie Allen Jr. and Chris Zuppa

2022 Workshop Itinerary

June 5-11, 2022

RIT Campus Map



10:00 a.m.   Dorm registration, Global Village building 405, first floor lobby, RIT


  7:30 p.m.   Informal meet/greet at McGregor's at 300 Jefferson Road


11:00          Dorm registration ends



  8:00 a.m    Classroom opens, Frank E. Gannett Hall, room 4090


  8:15          Welcome - Sue Morrow, Director, The Kalish; William Snyder, RIT


  8:30          Introduction to The Kalish - Danny Gawlowski, Seattle Times 

                   Introductions of participants, faculty and staff - Danny and Sue 


  9:30          RIT Public Safety Presentation                  


  9:45          Break


10:00          Taking it Back, Intro - Sue Morrow


10:15          Leading with Vision: Setting Goals - Danny Gawlowski


11:15          Break


11:30          Selecting the Picture - Martin Smith-Rodden, Professor, Ball State University


12:30 p.m    Lunch on your own


  1:30          Editing for Narrative - Hands-on editing exercise for print- Jenn Poggi, RIT, and                     Martin Smith-Rodden


  3:00          Break


  3:15          The Star Tribune: Covering George Floyd - an overview of the coverage

                   - Kyndell Harkness and Kevin Martin 

                   Introduce a Decide & Defend discussion - Kevin Martin, Kyndell Harkness


  6:00          Break for the day / Dinner on your own


  8:00 a.m    Classroom opens


  8:30          Shared understandings – or not: Surveying areas of agreement and difference 

                   between visual editors and photographers - Martin Smith-Rodden


  9:30          Transmedia Storytelling: Thinking Beyond the Still Image - Mallory Benedict,                         National Geographic


10:30          Break


10:45          Understanding the Tools: Jenn Poggi


11:00          Editing for Social Media Narrative - hands-on editing exercise - Jenn Poggi,                         Martin Smith Rodden, Mallory Benedict


12:00 p.m.   Lunch on your own


  1:15          Dealing with Difference: Innovative Thinkers - Kenny Irby, Community

                   Intervention Director


  2:45          Break


  3:00          Dealing with Difference (ctd.)


  4:00          Perspective & Insights - Khary Mason, Photographer, Detroit Detective

                   Note, there may be triggering moments during this session. We encourage

                     you to stay in the conversation. However, it is important to practice self-care and step                               away if needed.


  6:00          Break for the day      


  7:00          Party on the Patio at Global Village Plaza (Mediterranean food sponsored by                       Fujifilm)


  7:45          Ask Me Anything gathering on Global Village patio   


  8:00 a.m.   Classroom opens


  8:30          Safety: Gear & planning for you/staff - Louie Palu, Independent                                         Photographer/Kalish alumnus


  9:30          Break


  9:45          Law: Copyright, First Amendment; hands-on exercise - Aimee Edmondson,                           Professor, Ohio University/Author


12:00 p.m.   lunch on your own


  1:15          Off the street and into a desk - Danese Kenon, DOP, Philadelphia Inquirer


  2:45          Break


  3:00          Taking Care of the Frontline - and Yourself - practicals; crowds, cyber safety,  

                   etc; emotional intelligence and how to process - Danny, Danese


  4:00          Decide and Defend - Kevin & Kyndell


  6:00          Break for the day    


  7:00          Party on the Patio at Global Village Plaza (with dinner)


  7:45          Ask Me Anything gathering on Global Village patio 



  8:00 a.m.   Classroom opens


  8:30          Kenny/Khary - touch base from Thursday; Khary reading


  9:00          Storytelling at MediaStorm - Brian Storm, MediaStorm 


12:45 p.m.   Lunch on your own


  2:15          Storytelling at MediaStorm (ctd.) 


  5:00          Break for the day


  6:30          BOWLING - Depart from Global Village parking lot to Radio Social 

                   (bus, bowling & appetizers provided by Sony! )



  8:00 a.m.   Classroom opens


  8:30          MediaStorm Platform Toolkit demo - Brian Storm


  9:00          Editing for Narrative: online platform hands on exercise: Jenn, Danese, Danny


12:00 p.m.   Lunch on your own


  1:15          Hands on exercise continues w/critiques


  5:45          Break for the day


  6:30          Depart for Fish Fry at Castaways on Lake Ontario provided by Canon


  9:30          Return to RIT, rest of the evening on your own



  8:00  a.m.  Classroom opens                           


  8:30          Bagels and coffee in the Airport Lounge (3rd floor where we had pizza)

                   Complete and submit evaluations (link on resources page)


10:00          Recognition of sponsors and scholarships - RJI, Sony, Canon, Fuji - 4th floor lab


10:30          Showtime! w/ Willie Allen, Chris Zuppa

11:00          Reading by Khary Mason

11:15          Taking It Back - Sue Morrow


12:00 p.m    Farewells

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