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February 16, 2022 3 p.m. EST

How to help protect journalists from online abuse

As leaders and managers, how can we help protect journalists from online abuse? It’s a daunting responsibility, but with knowledge and tools to guide us, we can increase digital safety in the workplace for everyone. 


Ela Stapley is a digital safety advisor with the International Women's Media Foundation working internationally to support journalists with their digital security needs. She also leads digital safety on the emergencies team at the Committee to Protect Journalists. Naomi Ishisaka is the AME for Diversity, Inclusion and Staff Development for The Seattle Times. She is also the Social Justice columnist where she focuses on racial equity and social justice.


Kalish faculty member Danny Gawlowski, AME for The Seattle Times, will moderate the discussion. Kalish director Sue Morrow will introduce the session.

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