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Kyndell Harkness

Assistant Managing Editor of Diversity and Community, Minneapolis Star Tribune 

Kyndell Harkness is the Assistant Managing Editor of Diversity and Community at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Before stepping into this job Harkness was a photo editor for more than five years, coordinating coverage

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of the Ryder Cup, two Olympics, the Super Bowl, Final Four and breaking news such as Prince’s death and occupations and protests after police shootings. Before becoming an editor, Kyndell spent more than two decades as a photojournalist, working 15 years at the Star Tribune covering communities across the state.  She has taught as a photo instructor at a high school journalism camp called J Camp for 15 years that champions diversity of voices. Kyndell is also truly a part of the sandwich generation living with her son who is 11 and her mother who is 83.

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