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Brian Moss

Photo Guru

"I used to be a newspaperman.  For forty years I championed the cause of photographs to compete for precious space in the newspaper.  I won some prizes as a photographer and as an editor, including a share of two Pulizers,


and eventually became a coach and a manager. I’ve worked at 13 different newspapers in 9 states, including the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Rocky Mountain News and the Courier-Journal in Louisville. I’ve also been a multi-media producer, a computer programmer and a teacher.  

"In 2004, I was working at the Cincinnati Post when I was given the opportunity to lead a small group to create a radical new newspaper website.  Designed from the ground up, 

In the fall of 2005, we launched, focusing entirely on high school football.  The site was a huge success in the community and in the 2005 POY it won first place for best use of pictures for interactive publications of its size.

"Our experimental website was folded at the end of the season, but not before I became a convert to the Web as the best medium ever for visual story-telling.  Shortly after kypostpreps closed, I retired from newspapers.  I’m now a Web guy, and I run a website about life in Corydon, Indiana, the little town I grew up in.  Life in Corydon incorporates the best of what we learned at kypostpreps. We also have the honor of being turned down for playoff credentials by the Indiana High School Athletic Association because we don’t publish enough words.  Too many pictures.

"I've also published a book about photography that’s a compilation of all my alleged wisdom from four decades of newspaper photojournalism – PhotoSynthesis, A Simple Guide to the Magic of Photography."

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