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Khary Mason

Co Founder, Capturing Belief

Khary Mason was born and raised in Detroit. He is a former Detroit Police Homicide Detective, now working in the Conviction Integrity space, and a multidisciplinary artist who harnesses the power of art and friendship to mentor and enrich the lives of the next generation.

In 2016 Khary and Romain Blanquart launched Capturing Belief, a Detroit-based non-profit that uses visual literacy and creative writing to aid young people in their exploration, and expression of self, as they seek to understand the world around them.

During the onset of the pandemic, Capturing Belief partnered with Inside Southwest Detroit enabling them to impact the lives of students around the globe with “The Remote Ally Project”.

In 2019 Mason became a Documenting Detroit Fellow studying the effects of incarceration on individuals and their families. In 2021 Mason became a Salzburg Global Fellow working with peers around the globe on issues of youth violence, safety, and justice.

“I did not see the world the same after I picked up a camera… Poetry taught me how to question, and challenge, the difficulties in society, and the camera allowed me to see more clearly. I believe that both forms have the capacity to make us more empathetic stewards of our shared human experience.”

Khary Mason
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