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Louis Bryant III


Photographer/Photo Editor

My name is Louis Bryant, III and I am a developed self-taught photographer, who has refined my skills through immersive travel expeditions (visiting over 15 countries by contract), collaborations with artists, and work with newspapers and publishers. For the past three years I have been a regular contractor for the Sacramento Observer, providing high quality imagery as the chief photographer, excellent visual end-to-end storytelling through video, project management software liaison using, and the lead organizer for our freelance photographers. Outside of Observer contributions I freelance alongside my partner AmaYah Harrison, together we filmed a visual EP, 19SeventyFree, which was honored at the Tribeca Film Festival and premiered on Juneteenth 2021. The primary objective of my camera work is to shed light on the invisible and provide a bridge of understanding for my audience to connect to the subject(s). I specifically hone my interest on the African American community and other cultures of the diaspora to 1) identify unique moments and actions that dismantle the stereotypical perceptions of Black people 2) document the community with a priority of preservation of storied moments 3) dismantle the trauma Black experience often delivered in social media.


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